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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 10, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. veteran's day is tomorrow but stanley mcchrystal spoke to a couple of hundred students at a high school today. i'm roosevelt leftwich general mcchrystal's last assignment
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was commander of all u. s. forces in afghanistan. he was also the command of joint special operations plant from 2002 to 2008 where he was credited with if death of al- qaida leader in rick. the students he spoke with are part of a leadership group he stressed the soldiers are a lot closer to their age and experience than they think. >> if you look who our service members are overseas and in the united states it's young people. it's people who are a year or two ago were in high school. and to have the ability to understand what is happening and what their openings are and what it means to serve the country is extraordinarily important. >> mcchrystal was relieved of his commands in june after controversial remarks he and his officials made became public. stevensville middle school held their veteran's day activities because no school tomorrow. don harrison was on hand for the ceremony that were full of
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songs speeches and celebration. >> sergeant riddle at the hospital where he worked 2008. >> reporter: the spirits as high as our nation's flag at stevensville middle school. the students planned their own ceremony to honor our veterans. history teacher sean barnum spoke he's also with the air force reserves. 8th grader joseph riddle recited in flanders fields a poem written during ww1. joseph's father served in iraq and sustained some injuries. he has a great sense of pride for his father. >> if you have a parent in the service you understand it a little better you have to go through the sacrifices as well you have no know what it's like
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every day with your parent to do it. >> reporter: stone boone has an older brother in afghanistan. >> it's very emotional, and we're always praying for my brother we're hoping he's okay and stuff. >> reporter: principal sean kenna sends his 8th graders to arlington cemetery for a school trip. sees what the students gain from that experience. >> when they come back from arlington they are transformed and they really do express a whole great deal more patriotism and eye denyty with veterans and the men tradition. >> reporter: the students here are having a ceremony to recognize and celebrate veteran's day. some of the students who have family members serving in iraq tell me every day is veteran's day for them. their family already understands the commitment. at stevensville middle school don harrison for abc2 news. >> we want to honor the veterans in your life tomorrow. tell us about that person on our wmar facebook fan page up load a photo if you'd like with
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a simple description and we'll salute your loved ones on the air in every newscast or attach a photo and send it to pix at also tomorrow during our 5:00 p.m. newscast abc2 news will be live at the apple bees at the east point mall we'll be serving meals to veterans at the restaurant and we'll be bringing you live reports throughout the newscast. i'm looking forward to that one rosie absolutely. it's always a great day to honor our veterans no matter what the weather. turns out tomorrow we're going to have fantastic weather for the parades and all the other things we do to honor our vets. let's take a look at the forecast. as we look ahead hour by hour tomorrow 41 in the morning quickly climbing into the upper 50s. should hit the low 60s by late in the afternoon on our veteran's day 2010. right now just a little bit of daylight left. sun setting awfully early. we're in the upper 50s right now but cooling off pretty
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rapidly the rest of the evening. much more on your forecast as we go into this veteran's day weekend. all coming up. rosie. former frostburg state university student tyrone hall will spend five years in prison. the 21-year-old shot and killed school basketball player brandon carroll. he also shot ellis hartridge, jr. he testified he went to hall's off campus apartment looking for a fight after a woman whom both of them dated said hall hit her. he pleaded guilty to manslaughter last month he said the shooting was in self- defense. anne arundel county police say this man sexually assaulted a woman in laurel and they need your help tracking him down. you're looking at a newly released composite sketch he followed the woman in the 8100 block of scenic meadow drive on monday he showed her a gun then raped her. if you have any information call the sex offense squad at (410)222-3750. a look at tonight's top stories carnival cruise ship that has been dead in the water
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is being pulled to shore by a tugboat on monday an engine fire cut power to the boat. the boat is starting the move into cell phone range. the pentagon says it was an airplane and not a missile that caused a large vapor trail in the skies off of southern california's coast. a camera crew caught the vapor trail on monday on tape. many viewers thought it resembled a cloudy track of a missile in-flight. defense department officials are satisfied the phenomenon was a vapor trail from an airplane. >> a new study finds african- american homebuyers and buyers in low income neighborhoods play heyer rates for fha loans. the study by communities united found that in 2008 african americans latinos were twice as likely as whites to get a high cost loan buying a house with fha mortgage. communities united and greater
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baltimore urban league are calling for an investigation. the urban league wants to meet with local pangs to help deal with this issue. tonight a man who uses a wheelchair is known as i hero in his hometown. >> he was in a convenience store when a customer apparently threatened to running back a clerk. he tackled the suspect and got him in a headlock. other customers helped hold the man down while the clerk called 911. look at that guy go. >> just because i'm in a chair doesn't mean i can't stand up and do what's right even though i can't stand up. it's all about doing the right thing. >> good for him. the suspect was arrested but later released. these two suspected bank bandits in pennsylvania were caught on surveillance video as the dye back in their bag exploded right there. police recovered the cash but they are still searching for the suspects who they believe had been sustained red on their hands, hair and body. nice little trail there. more than a decade ago an
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. stocks are posting only small gains as traders remain cautious ahead of a global economic summit in south korea. dow jones rose 10 the nasdaq roads 15 s & p 500 added 5. when cartoon character gets laid off mr. good wrench is getting a pink slip mechanic who served as a symbol of general motors dealer service brand for nearly 40 years will be scrapped early next year he's being replaced by certified service brands. charitable giving by the wealthy americans took a big hit last year. although more than 98% of high net worth households donated they gave substantially less than in previous years. wealthy households gave an average of more than $54,000 last year compared to 2008 when the richest americans told out an average of 83 grand that's a
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35% drop. while it's no surprise the rough economy is partly to bail for the drop it's not the only reason. charities asked too frequently for donations. this is not a good time for athletes on abc gasing with the stars another beg up he on the competition who was sent waltzing off the dance floor and a woman's urge to go to the bathroom ends with a surprise delivery.
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. tonight abc2 news is making the commitment to put heat on very cold cases in maryland. we start with the story of tracie mosley an 18-year-old girl who disappeared years ago. >> reporter: it was the spring
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of 1995. tlc was on the top of the pop charts an 18-year-old tracey moseley was in the prime of her life. >> tracey was incredibly funny. >> reporter: stephanie met tracey when they met at a local theater group. >> she loved the adams family she loved acting. she wanted to remake the adams family movie. >> reporter: tracey's dreams ended in the early morning hours of april 17th, 1995. tracey was with her grandmother in reisterstown. her grandmother was the first to report her missing. according to the police report tracey went to dinner that night with a friend. he dropped her off at a restaurant, the harry man house on main street she met up with her ex-boyfriend. the two left together headed out to another friend's house so they could grab a six-pack of beer. >> he told the police that
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they had gone, they had sat behind i believe it was franklin high school. he said they had a couple of beers and then threw the rest of them away, and that he was tired and he wanted to go home. >> reporter: the ex-boyfriend told police tracey asked if she could smoke in his car when he told her no she asked to be taken back to her friend's house. >> he said that she asked him to drop her off back at the apartment of her other friend, and he left her there. >> reporter: that was the last anyone saw her. her purse was found where she had been dropped off. the only thing missing a pack of cigarettes. the days that followed were a whirlwind for police they interviewed people who saw her last for the most part their stories were the same. they went to a bar had a drink and then a friend dropped her off. that was it. then police started getting calls from a woman. for the next week this woman
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called regularly and fed police odd stories of tracey saying she had ran into her mother in new york, gotten into drugs even checked herself into a mental institution. police followed up on the woman's claims but all of them seemed unfounded. >> i know she would never have left her grandmother. she would never have left susannah and not come home not told them where she was. she loved them very, very much, andth just -- there's no way. >> reporter: tracey ran away one other time but tracey's grandmother felt this time was different. after a week she called detectives an thought something terrible had happened. police agreed. police reinterviewed people. but their search turned up nothing. after a while tracey's case went cold. >> everywhere you go, every time i see a tall girl with long blonde hair i want to stop her on the street and check and
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see if it's her. >> reporter: tracey's grandmother is now gone. her mother a life long heroin addict died a few years ago. her father lives in florida but they never had a good relationship. the only people advocating for tracey are detectives and stephanie. >> even if her grandmother and mother are gone now even if the people that she loved and was closest to are gone i think she still deserves justty. she still deserves to be found. >> reporter: megan pringle abc2 news. now for more information on tracey's case log on to if you have any information about the disappearance of tracey we're urging you to contact metro crimestoppers to submit your tip you can call them at 1-8667 lock-up or text
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your trip to crime. log on to metro and click on submit a tip. maryland's cold cases continue members tuesday with story of jennifer clay brook she was 15 years old when she was found murdered. 27 years later detectives still don't know what happened here. you can catch her store tuesday at 11:00 right here on abc2. i was down in annapolis again today we had to do interviews. at least them outside nice day to do it. >> we are really on a roll here. by november standards when you consider how ugly it can get cold rain even some wintry weather, sunny and 60 is no complaints to be found. >> not at all. >> so happy to report for all our veterans tomorrow another fantastic sunny day on the way for us, we'll talk about how long this pattern holds up i know you want to know the
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answer. >> i always want to know the answer to that. >> probably want it even warmer knowing you man. take a look outside it's dark rosie absolutely dark. days so short right now. sunset was at 4:56. we had a little bit of post sunset light a little bit of dusk out there, but that was done at 5:15, 5:20 then it got really dark. 60 right now winds north at 6. beautiful blue skies. watch this little wisp of high thin cloud cover. further east close peek beach beautiful blue skies. if you do see a couple of clouds well off to the east and there is a storm still just offshore of the maryland coast, i shouldn't say just offshore well offshore. that's something we will be watching pretty closely around here. but nonetheless, it has not really had much of an affect on us because winds have than relatively light all day. temperatures have certainly been on the mild side. we still sit at about 60
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degrees from baltimore easton 57. oc at 54 right now. highs were on the warm side today really. seasonable normal about 58. today inner harbor 63. that's not bad. 66 in frederick where you had an awfully chilly start. veteran's day neighborhood by neighborhood shall we. east point 61 where i'll be out at apple bees hope to see you there. free meal for veterans across baltimore. 62 in kay tonsville. lots of sun north and east toward port deposit 59 or so. little cooler towards cecil county. satellite radar trend is clear tonight. radar has been awfully quiet for days. and not expecting this to change much until we get into probably monday or tuesday of next week. there's that circulation offshore. it really brought very little active weather to the maryland coast today. you can see maybe just a little
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bit of spin-off cloud cover but dry weather has been holding up real nice as high pressure off to the south kind of this control right now. future forecast will push the last piece of that storm south and east tomorrow, and then into again past veteran's day another sunny fantastic day on friday. great travel weather wherever you're headed for the weekend. you look great friday and friday night. overnight tonight 38 mostly clear. it gets chilly late. checking out your veteran's day as we pay tribute 60 or so mostly sunny, a great looking veteran's day for us, and tomorrow night great looking weather too, but it will be chilly as we drop down into the mid 30s. 7-day forecast again the trend here is going to be for more of the same. sunshine low 60s not bad at all. each day will vary by a few degrees probably for that high. low to mid-60s a good bet right through sunday. rosie. >> it is not a great season for athletes on dancing with the stars. former nfl great kurt warner
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was sacked off the dance floor. take a look at this. the former super bowl mvp and his partner were sent packing after posting second lowest scores last night. he walked about how much funny had on the show. >> it was a lot of work, probably ate lot more work than i expected it to be but the monday nights were exactly what i hoped. i hoped it was an opportunity to show who i was for us to perform and entertain people. that's what i've always done. it was playing football before but it was about entertaining people and sending people home with a smile on their face that's what i hope this competition would be and i really think that we did that. >> four stars remain. brandy, kyle mass he jennifer gray and bristol palin who judges scores were 10 points behind warner's this week. all new at 6:00 tonight. veteran's day is hours away but
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today a special salute was held honoring the men and women who fought and still fighting for our freedom. plus cars swiped from two annapolis dealerships but not in the way you might think. thieves grabbed the keys and simply drove off. we'll have the latest on the investigation. those stories and much more coming up tonight at 6:00.
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. well, talk about a surprise delivery a woman in edmond oklahoma thought she had a bake ache but actually she was in labor. >> i hear of women being in labor for 15, 20 hours that being normal. so i wasn't expecting 10 minutes after my water broke to have a baby out. so we thought we had plenty of
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time. >> yes, but she was mistaken. she said she felt like she needed to go to the restroom right there her sonny thank was born 10 minutes later shot right across the room. >> i was able to send a text message to my husband at 12:43 telling me my water broke, and i sat down and his head was already coming out, and i delivered the head and then just caught him and held him. >> her husband made it home a few minutes later. mom and baby are doing just fine. new computers stolen from a northeast baltimore school hear who police say may be behind it. that story must wyatt's full forecast on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. thieves steal three cars from two annapolis dealerships but not quite the way you might expect. good evening i'm kelly swoope. the thieves took the cars


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